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Sixteen year old Danielle had awesome hair


(1975) Eskimo Totem Pole AKA Gypsy jumpsuit

Made my favorite little munchkin a reversible Batman cape, he seems to like it :)

I don’t deal with them. "Small minds live small lives".
—Priscilla Presley via Twitter (“Any advice on how to deal with the haters out there?”)


Remembering  James Dean  on his birthday (8 February 1931 - 30 September 1955)

There are many photos of Dean, but this one by Dennis Stock - to me - is the essential one,



My friend’s grandad is apparently the guy from Up.



Elvis and Priscilla Presley in Hawaii with Joan Esposito, Nora and Lamar Fike and Marvin and Patsy Presley Gambill, May 1969.

The Snow White top of the dress would be adorable on little Josephine…if it fit. There’s no way it will close. Oh well, it looks cute from this view, time to get some more fabric and try again. 

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